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Services We Provide. . .

  • Water Well Drilling
  • Plugging
  • Well Service
  • Solar Installation
  • Submersible Pump Installation​​
  • Rig Supply
  • Surge Protection

  • Windmills
  • Water Storage
  • Pressure Tank & Booster Systems
  • Well Inspections & Diagnostics
  • Well Rehabilitation & Cleaning
  • ​Down Hole Camera

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  1. Drilling
    We drill wells for agriculture, residential, rig supply, and commercial properties. We can deepen, plug, or drill new wells depending on the needs and circumstances of our customers. *** Please click on the links below under "Drilling Permits" to see the permits required by County ***
  2. Pump Installations
    Pump Installations
    We can replace pumps that have burned or locked up, and/or install a brand new system for you. If it turns out to be more than just replacing your pump and motor, we have what you need to make your system run right.
  3. Solar Installations
    Solar Installations
    ​ If you are looking to replace your windmill, or do not have electricity running to your well site, then going Solar might be an option for you! Our Solar systems are sized individually to fit each of our customers unique needs. We provide solar installations for homeowners, ranchers, and commercial businesses. Please call to learn more.
  4. Water Storage
    Water Storage
    We can adjust your system to fit your needs. If you need extra water storage and a booster system, we can engineer a system that will work for you. All of our storage tanks are BPA free and designed to withstand the elements to provide you with safe drinking water.
  5. Plugging
    If you think that your water well has run dry, or if your well is abandoned or unstable, then we can help. If the diagnosis is that you need to get your well plugged, then don't worry, we take our time when plugging a well to make sure that we meet all of TDLR and TCEQ rules and regulations. We can offer you the solutions you need.
  6. Windmills
    We can install new windmills or repair older ones. We are able to work with 6 foot windmills all the way up to 20 foot windmills. We use Aermotor & American West Windmill, both trusted brands within the windmill industry.
  7. Well Diagnostics
    Well Diagnostics
    It is recommended by us that you get your well inspected annually. If one component of your system is not functioning properly, it can cause premature wear and tear on your entire system, especially the pump and motor. Catching these problems early can save you money. We also provide official well inspections for real estate sales and transactions.
  8. Down Hole Camera
    Down Hole Camera
    Our down hole camera can be used to help diagnose certain problems or issues you might be having with your well. Our camera is a "Well Vu", is in color, and can go to a depth of 1,000 ft. Using a well camera can be a very helpful tool when diagnosing a water well. Please call for more information.
  9. Well Rehabilitation
    Well Rehabilitation
    Diagnosing the problem is the first step in well rehabilitation. Your diagnosis might be that your well needs to be deepened, cleaned out, or that your casing needs to be replaced, etc. Whatever the problem might be, we can help to provide you with the options available and help you to create a plan of action that is best for you .
  10. Surge Protection
    Surge Protection
    We offer an option for surge protection for both Single Phase and 3 Phase electricity. We can protect your system from being damaged from lightning strikes and power surges. The surge protectors we offer absorb and dissipate the energy from lightning and power surges without performance deterioration. Call to learn more.



Groundwater Conservation Districts:
(listed in alphabetical order)

Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District
P.O. Box 465
Alpine, TX 79831
Phone No. 432-837-6235
Fax No. 432-837-1127
Email: [email protected]

Culberson County Groundwater Conservation District
P.O. Box 1295
Van Horn, TX 79855
Phone No. 432-283-1548
Fax No. 432-283-1548
Email: [email protected]

Jeff Davis County Underground Water Conservation District
P.O. Box 1203
Fort Davis, TX 79734
Phone No. 432-426-3441
Fax No. 432-426-2087
Email: [email protected]

Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District
P.O. Box 1644
Fort Stockton, TX 79735
Phone No. 432-336-0698
Fax No. 432-336-3407
Email: [email protected]

Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District
P.O. Box 606
Marfa, TX 79843
Phone No. 432-729-4826
Email: [email protected]

Reeves County Groundwater Conservation District
119 S Cedar
Pecos, TX 79772
Phone No. 432-445-9961
Email: [email protected]

Terrell County Groundwater Conservation District
P.O. Box 927
Sanderson, TX 79848
Phone No. 432-753-2328
Email: [email protected]

To find Groundwater Data in your area,
click on the link below for the Texas Water Development Board.


                              Once you have clicked on the link above, follow these directions to search for groundwater and
                              well reports in your area:
                               1.  On the upper left hand side of the page, click the "Arrow" button (the "Select & Buffer Groundwater 

                                    Location" Icon)
                               2.  The "Select Buffer Tool" Box will appear.
                               3.  Click on the "Buffer" button.
                               4.  Enter in your GPS Coordinates and the distance in radius that you want to search.
                               5.  Click on the "Buffer" button.
                               6.  Go to the top of the page and click on the "Groundwater" Tab
                               7.  Click on "Well Reports" and "Plugging Reports"
                               8.  You are now ready to search for well reports in your area.  Just click on the dots to bring up that wells



Go to the homepage of the Texas Water Development Board by clicking on the link below.

S​earch for your local Groundwater Conservation District by clicking on the link below.

​​We are licened through the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR).
Please click on the link below for more information.

​or call (512)463-7880

Texas License #58937WKLP

How to Winterize Your System
There are things you can do to prolong the life of your system.  It is important to winterize your system BEFORE winter hits.  Here are some suggestions, easy solutions, and supplies you will need to help get you through the winter without your system going offline.
Supplies you will need . . . 
       Heat Lamp              Thermostat             Pipe Insulation                     Heat Tape                  Spray Foam                     Bucket 
 Insulated Foam                Pipe Wrap Tape              Insulated Pressure Tank               Insulated Wellhead                    Insulated Valve
 Faucet Cover                                                                             Cover                                             Cover                                      Box Cover
​​ ​​
Steps to cover an exposed faucet:
Supplies you will need...

    - Foam Pipe Wrap for       
      exposed pipes
    - Insulated Faucet Cover
    - Insulated Bucket
How to Use Heat Tape Correctly:

    Exposed Faucet         Step 1: Cover Faucet        Step 2: Cover with
                                            with insulated faucet     insulated bucket
How to make an insulated bucket:
Take 1 can of spray foam and line the inside of a 5 gallon bucket (1 can should complete 2 buckets). 
Let foam dry before placing over an exposed faucet.